NAZC 2012 Volunteer Sign-Up

March 15, 2011

If you are a volunteer and would like to get involved in helping ZAGNY with the hosting of the XVI North American Zarathushti Congress, or you have a special skill which you think a committee could benefit from, please sign up in one or more of the following departments. One of the committee chairpersons will get in touch with you.

Each committee chair is responsible for allocating responsibilities to the volunteers:

Below are the following committees and a GENERAL description of needs. As we progress further, more specific tasks will be defined.

Logistics /Operations

Organizing the day to day operations of the congress. Working with the hotel and other committees to coordinate services and needs. This would include such tasks as registration of guests (greeter), putting together the registration packets, working with caterer, data entry, arrange transportation, etc….


The program committee is in charge of putting the entire program into place. This includes the lectures, workshops, Mini-Camp for the children, and the Youth sessions.


Obtain proclamations from politicians and coordinate invitations to some. Outreach to vendors and people interested in sponsoring the event, working with the committee to use multi-media to advertise the event, reaching out to all North American associations and key Zarathushti organizations (parsi and Irani) to ensure that event is well publicized, interfacing with advertisers and speakers, working with the web and IT people to create a web based marketing tool to create interest.


Volunteers needed to perform in dance numbers, singing, acting, stagehands to assist with choreography, set design and costume changes, hair and makeup for performers.

Audio-Visual/IT/Post production/web

Volunteers needed to work power-point or other presentations of sessions running in various rooms, film-productions, music coordination, sound checks, assisting in developing website and Facebook page, developing short skits and film out takes, photographer, videographer, Backstage hands to helps with sound and setting up for sessions in banquet hall.


Volunteers needed to coordinate with vendors/donations/sending out letters, this committee will also be running the fundraising portion of the congress. This includes, outreach to sponsors, business relationships, and corporate partnerships. Assisting the committee with getting donations and building up a budget.


An exhibit/marketplace area will be set up in an area where participants can walk and purchase various items for sale. Vendors will be setting up tables to sell merchandise. Exhibit hall will have artifacts and historical information displayed. Volunteers will be needed for setup and coordination.

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