Policy & FAQ

General Registration & Cancellation Policy

  • If you are registering by mail, Please use additional forms if registering more than four participants.
  • Participants up to 12 years of age will be served kids meals.
  • Children under 6 years of age will not be allowed in the regular Congress sessions. A Children’s Zarathushti Program will be available for ages 5–12 years at no additional cost. Baby sitting services may be provided for children 1-4 years.
  • Space permitting and at the discretion of the organizing committee reservations for a Banquet Only option may be made available between July 15 – 26, 2012.
  • A 15% penalty for cancellation requests received by 6/30/2012.
  • No refunds on or after 7/1/2012.
  • Registration and admission to various events are subject to capacity restrictions.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any event in case of inadequate interest or circumstances beyond its control.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can attendees pay registration fees via a credit card?

Yes, if you go to our website nazc.zagny.org/registration, you will see a blue registration online button, when you click on this you will be able to register and make payments over our secure server using MC/ VISA/American Express/Discover/Paypal.  There is no extra fee or cost for this service.


Do we have to register for the congress to attend the Friday Entertainment, banquet or optional FEZANA Night? 

After registration has closed, we will offer any additional seating available for the banquet on a first come, first serve basis from July 15-26, 2012.  Since the Banquet night is included in the registration fee, we need to ensure priority availability for congress registrants.


I have registered, When I reach the venue, where should I collect my registration package?

Registration check-in for the event will open in the lobby of the Rye Hilton on the morning of Wednesday, August 1, 2012.  At this time, you will be given your badges, meal ticket for the banquet and if applicable your tickets for the optional NYC Tour bus, Friday Evening Dinner and entertainment, or the 25th Anniversary FEZANA Dinner.  We encourage registrants to register as soon as they check in to avoid delay and long lines.  The registration desk, will be open at published times on the first 2 days of the congress.  Please visit our website closer to the event for exact dates and times.


What should we bring to attain our registration package?

A printed copy of the registration email along with a photo ID is necessary


Do Infants ages 0-5 have to register for the congress?

Yes, Infants 0-5 years of age accompanying parents/guardians to any entertainment, lunches, or dinners will have to be registered for the congress at the Infant Rate.  If your child is cared for on your own and will not attend the congress, you don’t need to register him/her.


What are the benefits of registering infants 0-5 years of age and young children up to age 12?

A registered infant, 0-5 years of age, can avail to the baby sitting services during the sessions.  If you are interested in baby-sitting services, please complete the last page of our registration form and send requests to Piroja Press at piroja@zagny.org.  They can also attend the congress lunches, dinners, opening and closing ceremonies, banquet dinners, and entertainment, etc.  Registered infants and kids will be provided with Kids Meals.

There will also be a Children’s Zarathushti Program will be available for ages 5-12 years of age at no additional cost.  This will include class time, fun filled activities relating to the teaching of Zarathustra, arts and crafts and games.  These classes will be run by our astute and caring children’s class educators.   The classes will run parallel to the main sessions parents may drop off their child during session times for these activities and pick them up during breaks and meals.  Look out for more information about the upcoming classes and activities on our website and news blasts.


Can my child attend the adult sessions?

Yes, if they are 6 years of age or older and provided that they will be able to remain in their seats for the discussions.


Does my child have to pay for the transportation to the city if they are an infant and sitting in my seat? 

If they are taking up a seat on the bus, they will have to pay the transportation fee of $25.00


I am from Iran and would like to attend the Congress, how do find out more information and information regarding the Visa process?

On our website nazc.zagny.org/registration you will find a green button with that says “if registering from Iran please click here”.  You will find instructions and details on how to go about registering for the congress, as well as attaining proper papers for the visa.  There is also contact and hotel information.


Do I have to book my hotel when the registering for the congress?

Hotel bookings are made separately.  Each individual registrant is responsible for booking their hotel stay.  We have negotiated a special rate of $119.00 per night plus local and state tax.  It is not mandatory to stay in this hotel.  However, there are limited rooms reserved for the congress and we would not want any of our guests to be left out of the fun.  So we encourage you to book your hotel rooms as soon as you register.  The hotel will not charge you for the reservation.  In order to confirm a room assignment the Hotel will require one night’s deposit, refundable up to 72 hours in advance of the check-in date.