Zarathushti Registrants from Iran

U P D A T E : April 19, 2012

Due to the extremely long visa processing times for citizens of Iran, we regret to inform that we will not be accepting any more registrations from Zarathushtis from Iran. Registrations processed before April 30, will be processed as usual.

If you are a Zarathushti from Iran, and already have a visa for the US, you are welcome to register; as usual.

Thanking you


If you are a Zarathushti registering from Iran please read the information below prior to registering.





Dear Registrant:

Thank you for your interest in attending the 16th North American Zarathushti Congress in New York.  The information below is intended for you to be informed about the process and procedure for registering for this congress from Iran.


  • We would like you to be aware that the entire Congress proceedings will be in English as this is a North American Zarathushti Congress and there will be no translation services provided.  Before we send an invitation letter to the Consulate, you need to do the following.


  • Without delay you should register with us for the Zarathushti Congress and pay the fees. Your registration form will not be processed until payment of fees is received. All fees must be in US Dollars. Please note the early registration fee discount ends on February 15, 2012. We are not aware of how money for the fees can be transmitted from Iran to the US. Perhaps a friend or relative residing in the US may be able to guide you. We would prefer if you would mail the check to Piroja Press, her address is on the registration write up. When paying by check enclose a note with the check indicating the name(s) of the person(s) attending the Congress.



  • Information for all family members registering for the Congress should be on the same form.  Please do not fill out a separate form for each family member


  • It is our understanding that most visa requests from Iranian citizens may be be made through the US Consulate in Dubai, or through US Consulates in some other countries that accept applications from Iranian citizens.  You can apply for an electronic application. Their website gives detailed instructions and the application form. If your spouse is also coming for the congress he/she needs to apply separately as well as any accompanying children. Please look through the FAQs on the website which will answer most of your questions. The website for the consulate in Dubai is:


  • Once you receive the confirmation notice/letter from the consulate you need to email Mehru Cama, our Logistics Chairperson at a copy of the confirmation.


  • After you send us the copy of the Consulate’s confirmation notice and we receive confirmation of your registration and payment we will then send a letter to the US consulate in Dubai requesting you be granted a visa to attend the Congress.  When we send the letter to the consulate we have to send them the confirmation number and a copy of the registration form.


  • Before they give you a visa you will be called for an interview in Dubai.  All persons including children if they are applying for a US visa will be required to go to Dubai for the interview.  Please read the FAQs on the consulate’s website.


  • Hotel costs are not included with the registration. Hotel bookings need to be made separately.


  • Hotel bookings can be made through: The Reservations link for NAZC 2012: or by calling the Hilton Rye Brook room reservation department at 1-800-445-8667. Please request the group rate for ZAGNY or give the unique group code [ ZAG ].


  • As a special consideration to Iranian Zarathushtis interested in attending the Congress, and who do not get approval for a US visa, we will refund the registration fees after deducting a small service fee. You will need to email us a copy of the letter from the US consulate declining you a visa.  We must receive the request to return the registration fee by July 1, 2012.  Any requests after that date will not be honored .


  • The registration form must contain the names of the persons who are going to attend the Congress.  The name on the registration form must match the spelling of the name on their passport.