The Navojote / Sudreh Pushi Ceremony and Kushti Ritual: Video Recording

December 27, 2012


The Navojote / Sudreh Pushi Ceremony and

Kushti Ritual: XVI NAZC 2012

from ZAGNY on Vimeo.

The Navjote/Sudreh Pushi ceremony is the most personal of Zarathushti ceremonies, and the Kushti ritual a simple and personal daily Zarathushti ritual, yet their significance in Zarathushti religiosity is not properly understood.

Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli discusses the significance and the role of the prayers used in the Navjote Ceremony, including the prayers of the Kushti ritual.

Prof Kaikhosrov Irani, describes what occurred at his Navjote Ceremony, and how it was a meaningful experience that changed his life as a Zarathushti.

Ms. Nahid Dashtaki, talks about the Sudreh Pushi ceremony from an Iranian Zarathushti and young adult’s point of view, and its significance in her life.

Er. Karl Khambatta makes the Kushti ritual a meaningful experience by performing the ritual using an English translation.

Dr. Lovji Cama moderated this session.

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